The first Sunday we ever came to Thad’s, we walked in — me heavily pregnant with who would be our only living child — and heard music that blew me away. I can’t verify this, but I’m pretty sure I heard “God Is Rolling With You,” & “I See God In You”. Thad’s was a wonderful fit for us — me with my wacky GUBA/Vineyard background and Thomas with his German Catholic background.

What we didn’t realize is that we were also giving our son, Lukas, his church background…because probably since before birth, he has utterly, completely loved the music of Thad’s band. The CDs are what has changed our family. You see, you are now the soundtrack to my son’s heart and life for his formative years, and the soundtrack to our family’s memories of what will be these early days. There is rarely a day that goes by we do not hear your music coming from our speakers. It fills our house, and our hearts, and our minds with truth and hope and energy.

The idea that you want to put all this out there for wider consumption is wonderful; more people need to hear it. But not just “church” people; I think this music appeals to anyone who likes real music; music that is creative and wild and hooky and compelling to sing and dance to, as well as music that speaks so powerfully and truthfully.


-Erika, Thomas & Lukas

The cool tunes at Thad’s move us inside and out and leave us inspired well beyond the the end of the songs because the words share a story that reminds us to live and love on:) Y’all Rock so we can roll and we love ya for it:)

Heather and Morgan

Thad’s Band vibrates the essence of progressive Christianity…. Like the kingdom of heaven that’s coming but already here, Thad’s Band is the present future of music for progressive worship.

Jim B. – Author: Mindful Christianity

One of the things that distinguishes the Thad’s community from other worship services is the Thad’s band. The songs may be rhythm and blues, country, rock, gospel, soul , blues or funk. Each week I say to myself, “I can’t believe it’s 10 AM on a Sunday morning – my toes are tapping, my body’s grooving and I get to hear this funky, soulful music and be deeply moved all at the same time!” I’m engaged body and soul and it’s not only an amazing way to start the service but the whole week.

Mary P.

… you are on to something important. I think your music should be available to the entire progressive Christian movement around the world. I’m thrilled that you are putting your work out there, making it available to others – much needed!

Jim B. – Associate Dean of Religious Life, USC

The Thad’s band and the music you all have created and continue to create, always lifts me up, inspires me to look inward and moves me to the point of tears (quite often!)  It’s always a celebration.

Trish C.

I can best describe my feelings about, and appreciation for, Thad’s music by simply noting that as a result of the music I have heard at Thad’s for the last eleven years I am a better man and more nearly the man God would have me be.

Stephen T.

Let’s be honest. Most church music falls into one of two categories – 1.) It’s fake. Relentlessly cheery and full of devout platitudes, or  2.) It’s unlistenable. The music of the Thad’s Band is revolutionary in this respect: it reflects life as it is actually lived. And the spiritual life in particular. It’s messy, ambivalent, by equal turns joyous and heartbroken, confused and celebratory, full of unexpected twists and turns that reveal new nuances on repeated listening… This is what makes this music infectious and essential.

Quinton P.

I carry their music with me in my car and play it often in my home, each time finding new meaning and joy in its hearing. I am always struck by the honesty and accessibility of the lyrics and the way the tunes stay with you throughout the day. I am so glad to know that this music will be shared beyond the walls of Thad’s as part of their commitment to being a love-spreading difference-making community of faith.

Rebecca S.